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A Tutorial to Creating a Greenfoot Game

Greenfoot is software that uses the programming language Java to make simple games.

This is called object-orientated programming (OOP) because objects are coded to interact in a visual environment.

Work your way through the following tutorial to create a game similar to one required in the WJEC/Eduqas 2016 specification Component 2 exam.

Topic Links:

  1. Starting from Scratch & Populating the World

  2. Move with Arrow Keys

  3. Move Randomly & Bounce on Edge

  4. Remove Objects

  5. Play Sounds

  6. The Counter

  7. Extension Ideas

According to the 2016 specification, in the Eduqas exam, you will use Greenfoot version 2.4.2, despite the fact that Greenfoot is now on version 3.6.1.

This means that some newer code won't work! This guide here will work on version 2.4.2.

Just make sure you are also using version 2.4.2 - see the download page for help.

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