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Installing Greenfoot

According to the Eduqas 2016 specification exam students will use version 2.4.2 of Greenfoot in the Component 2 exam.

Eduqas GCSE students should practice using version 2.4.2 - despite the most up-to-date version currently being 3.6.1.

If you are not learning Greenfoot for the Eduqas GCSE then you may wish to download and use the most current version.

Eduqas 2016 Specification Students

Other Students

The version used in the Component 2 exam is 'Greenfoot version 2.4.2'.

Scroll down to 2.4.2 on the old download page and select the correct version for your computer. Windows systems should use the 'For Windows' option.

If you are not following the Eduqas 2016 specification then you should download the most up-to-date version of Greenfoot.

Select the correct version for your computer at the top of the download page.

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