1. Starting from Scratch

2. New Java Scenario

For a new project, click 'Scenario' and then 'New Java Scenario'.

Save this in your user area in your ICT folder (make a new folder if you haven't got one).

1. Open Greenfoot

Click on the Start Button.

Then select Programs.

Then choose ICT.

Open the normal version of Greenfoot.

Do not choose Greenfoot v2.4.2

3. Background (World) Image

First thing is to change the background image of the 'MyWorld' class. 

Right-click on the MyWorld class and select 'Set image...'

Choose any picture from the 'backgrounds' image category.

I have chosen the 'cell.jpg' image.

4. Creating the Main Character

Now to create a new class for the main character.

Right-click on the Actor class and select 'New subclass...'

Give the new object an appropriate name and choose a relevant image.

I have named my class 'Sheep' and selected the sheep.png image.

5. Right-click on Actor and create two more objects:

  • Collectable objects to pick up (e.g. my orange)

  • An enemy character to avoid (e.g. my elephant)

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