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2. Creating Essential Tags

What is a tag?

HTML uses tags to define the content of a webpage.

A tag uses angle brackets - they look just like my teeth...

Some examples of tags are <p> and <h1> and <center>

Most tags have a start tag and an end tag.

The actual content is written in between the tags.


For example:

<p>The p tag is used to write a paragraph</p>

Notice that the end tag uses a forward slash.

<    >

Essential Tags

There are three tags that are essential for every HTML web page:

<html> - This tag declares the start and the end of your html web page.

<head> - The head is the part of the web page that the user will not see.

<body> - The body holds all of the content of the web page (text, images, video etc.)

Don't forget to use backslash for the end tags:    / 

Use the image on the right to add the three essential tags (and their end tags) to your document.


Now it is time to add something we can actually see! Text tags are up next.

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