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1. Setting up a HTML document

This guide assumes that you have Notepad++ already installed.

If you are working at home and need to download Notepad++ then click here.

Save as .html file

Notepad++ assumes you are writing a text file so you must change the file type.

Open Notepad++

Click File then Save As...

Change Save as type: from Normal text file (.txt) to Hyper Text Markup Language file (.html)

Change File name: to Fanpage Website.html

These steps are necessary to set up your HTML web page correctly.


Open Notepad ++ and save your file as a .html document.

Editor vs. Browser View

In newer versions of Notepad++ click on View then View Current File in and choose a browser installed on your computer such as Chrome.

Some versions of Notepad++ enable you to view the document in a web browser by selecting Run then an option such as Launch in Chrome.

html 1.png

It is good practice to have both Notepad++ and a web browser open at the same time so that you can easily check if any changes have been made correctly.

Remember to press the save icon (        ) before you refresh your browser.

Don't expect your web browser to show anything yet.

Next it is time to add our essential tags for the structure of the web page.

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