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4.4 - Ready for Work

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2016 - Unit 1 

Successful employees always demonstrate that they are ready to work hard for their organisation by presenting themselves in a professional manner in line with the company's policies.

Dress Code

Employees must follow the dress code policy of an organisation at all times.


For some businesses this may be very formal such as a suit and tie for men and a smart dress or trousers for women. Other organisations enforce a smart-casual dress code where expectations for dress are not as strict but obscene attire is still not permitted.


Different job roles within a company may also have different expected standards of dress, for example a manager may require a tie and a technician may not.

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Employees should have good personal hygiene so that they can comfortably communicate with other staff members and customers. Good personal hygiene demonstrates respect for the organisation, other employees and yourself.


Wearing clean clothes and avoiding bad odour help to give a professional impression.

Suit Jackets


Maintaining a positive attitude can help you to be noticed and liked by peers and management. Having an 'I can do it' attitude, even during difficult times, will make you a hugely important team member of an organisation.


Employees should be able to adapt and respond to on-going situations, be flexible and listen to suggestions made by others.

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Questo's Questions

4.4 - Ready for Work:

1. What is meant by a dress code? Explain why it is important for employees of an organisation to follow the company's dress code policy. [2]

2. Why is personal presentation so important in an organisation? [2]


3. A games company has had its latest game flop and nobody seems to be buying it. What should the attitude of the company manager be during this time? [3]

4. Explain why two workers in the same company may have different expected standards of dress. [1]

5. Identify and describe three ways that IT employees can demonstrate that they are ready for work. You should refer to each of the 3 subsections (dress code, presentation and attitude). [6]

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