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1.7 & 1.8 - Internet Pros & Cons

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2016 - Unit 2 

The internet has become easier and cheaper to access since the mid 1990s and today it is almost taken for granted. The rise of the internet, and the services it provides, has lead to advantages and disadvantages for both individuals and organisations.

Advantages for Individuals

Increased speed of personal communication
Allows for instant messaging, emails and video chats across the world.

Easy access to information 
The internet has free resources such as CSNewbs and Wikipedia, plus academic journals for research & study.

24/7 access to services
Shopping, browsing and banking can be completed when convenient for the user.

Social interaction with others
Social media, discussion forums and online games provide entertainment and social interaction.

Disadvantages for Individuals

Potential for identity theft
Uploading personal data and storing sensitive information risks hackers obtaining and utilising it.

Cost of connection & services 
Internet service providers (ISPs) charge a monthly fee and equipment like a router needs installation.

Cyberbullying & trolling
The abuse of others on social media is possible. Anonymisation makes it harder to catch offenders.

Spreading misinformation
'Fake news' or biased information can be easily spread on social media and lead to incorrect assumptions.

Source of distraction
Staff and students may neglect their work and study for entertainment or social media.

Advantages for Organisations

Share data quickly globally
Files and information can be sent instantly to locations across the world. Cloud storage can store data.

Online services always available
E-commerce businesses can operate 24/7 globally, permit users to browse and accept payments.

Easy internal communication
Staff can use emails, video calls or instant messages to communicate.

Open up the workplace
Staff can work from home, on the commute to/from work and outside of the office.

Disadvantages for Organisations

Malicious attacks & threats
Websites can be hacked / taken offline with DDoS attacks. Data can be stolen or corrupted.

Cost of maintaining services
Most companies require an IT department to oversee device installation and maintenance.

Reputation and controversies
Companies that leak data will damage their reputations. Social media posts could backfire.

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Questo's Questions

1.7 - Internet Pros & Cons:

1. List 5 points for the following categories (you may need to include researched / your own points for some):

  • a. Advantages of the internet for individuals [5]

  • b. Disadvantages of the internet for individuals [5]

  • c. Advantages of the internet for organisations [5]

  • d. Disadvantages of the internet for organisations [5]

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