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1.5 - WWW Technologies

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2016 - Unit 2 

The internet is a global network of interconnected networks.

The world wide web (WWW) is not the same as the internet. It is a way of accessing information, using protocols such as HTTPS to view web pages.

There are three types of world wide web technologies:




The internet is a global network of interconnected networks

The internet is public and users have open access.

Examples of use:

Accessing web pages to shop and watch videos. Businesses may use web pages to advertise their products and allow customers to purchase items.

An intranet is a private network that is only accessible to authorised users (e.g. members of a business or school).


Intranets are private and users have closed access

Examples of use:

Because an intranet is a secured online area, schools often use an intranet to log in to that displays information for teachers and students (such as test results or upcoming events). Businesses might use an intranet for employees to see sales and performance data or for communication because it can be accessed remotely.

An extranet is a private network that is accessible using the internet but provides access only to authorised users.

Extranets are private and users have shared access.

Example of use:

Hotel booking companies (like use an extranet to allow hotel owners to log in via the internet to access and update their information.

Network Characteristics

When connecting to WWW technologies there are several characteristics that a user must consider:​


Speed refers to how quickly data can be accessed. For example, an extranet is the slowest network to use because it must be accessed through the internet first.


Security relates to how likely the data will be kept secure. An intranet is more secure than the internet because only authorised users can log in.

Access Levels

Access levels, or permissions, refers to who can see what, in terms of data and files. Resources on an intranet can be set so that only certain users can view them.


This characteristic relates to how available the data is. For example, the internet can be accessed on any network-enabled device, at any time.

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Questo's Questions

1.5 - WWW Technologies:

1. Explain the difference between the internet and the world wide web. [2]

2. Describe each of the 3 types of WWW technology. You must mention whether they are private or public and what type of access they have. 

  • a. Internet

  • b. Intranet

  • c. Extranet [2 each]

3. Describe at least one example of how each of the 3 types of WWW technology could be used. [6]

4. Describe the 3 WWW technologies in terms of each of the 4 network characteristics. You need to think carefully about this; the descriptions under each icon above can help you with certain answers. To start, describe the speed, security, access levels and accessibility of an intranet. [12 each]

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