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Python - Section 8 Practice Tasks


Task One

Write a program with a blank list.

Use the .append() command to add your three favourite ice-cream flavours to this list and then print the list.

Example solution:


Task Two

Write a program with a list of any 5 numbers.

Print the list.

Delete the first and third numbers. Print the list.

Example solution:


Task Three

Write a program with a list of three different animals.

Write an input line that lets the user type an animal.

Add what the user has written to the list and print the list.

Example solution:


Task Four

Sort your list from task two into order.


Then print the list.

Example solution:


Task Five

Copy the text on the right and put it into a list named countries.

Count the number of countries in the list.

Print the longest country.

Use a for loop to work out the length of each country.

"Egypt", "Angola", "Eritrea" , "Mozambique" , "Ghana" , "Chad" , "Somalia" , "Namibia" , "Sudan" , "Libya" , "Algeria", "Morocco" , "Cameroon"

Example solution:


Task Six

Create a dictionary (see 8c) that asks users questions about yourself, such as first name, favourite colour or birthday.

Let the user answer each question and display the answer if they get it correct. Use the 'Using a Dictionary to Make a Game' section of 8c to help you.

Example solution:

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