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Python - Section 7 Practice Tasks


Task One

Example solution:

Create a program with three different subroutines (procedures).


One subroutine asks the user their name and prints a response.

The second asks for their age and prints a response.

The third asks for their favourite colour and prints a response.


Remember to write subroutines before the main program.


Task Two

Create a program that asks a user to input the length of a side in a square.

Write a function that takes this value and returns it to be printed.

Example solution:


Task Three

Example solution:

Create a program that takes 3 inputs from the user – a name, a villain and a place.


Write a function that outputs a story using the user’s answers.


Task Four

Create a calculator program that uses four different subroutines (add, subtract, multiply and divide).


In the main program ask the user to make a choice of which operator to use and then to enter two numbers. Keep looping until the user types stop.

Use the 'Using Subroutines as a Menu' section in the 7b to help you.

Example solution:

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