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Python 5b - Sleep


Using Sleep

To pause a program, import sleep from the time library.


Type the word sleep followed by the number of seconds that you wish the program to break for in brackets. It must be a whole number.

Below is an example of a program that imports the sleep command and waits for 2 seconds between printing:

from time import sleep




You can implement the sleep command within a for loop to produce an effective timer that outputs each second waited to the screen:

You could also use a variable instead of a fixed value with the sleep command such as below:

from time import sleep

for second in range(1,11):



from time import sleep

seconds =  int(input("How many seconds should I sleep? "))

print("Going to sleep...")


print("Waking up!")

Sleep Task (Slow Calculator)

Create a slow calculator program that needs time to think in between calculations.

Print a message to greet the user, then wait 3 seconds and ask them to enter a number.

Wait another 3 seconds and ask them to enter a second number.


Wait 2 more seconds, print “Thinking…” then 2 seconds later print the total of the two numbers added together.

Example solution:

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