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Python 1d - Using Variables


Printing Variables Within Sentences

Join sentences and variables together using a plus symbol (+). Joining strings together like this is called concatenation.

name = "Marina"

print("Hello " + name + ", nice to meet you.")


Hello Marina, nice to meet you.

Remember to use speech marks for your printed statements but no speech marks for variable names.

You need to use the + symbol before and after each variable.

direction = "north"

country = "Wales"

print("Have you been to the " + direction + " of " + country + "?")


Have you been to the north of Wales?

Commas can be used an alternative to the + symbol but they will automatically add a space.

day = "Saturday"

print("My birthday is on a" + day + "this year.")

print("My birthday is on a" , day , "this year.")


My birthday is on aSaturdaythis year.

My birthday is on a Saturday this year.

Using Variables Task 1 (Pizza Toppings)

Use a variable named topping1 and another named topping2.

Print a sentence that uses both variables names.

Example solution:

My favourite pizza is ham and mushroom.

Printing Number Variables Within Sentences

To join strings and number values then you must use a comma as a plus will not work:

cookies = 4

print("Munch! There's only" , cookies , "left.")


Munch! There's only 4 cookies left.

You need to use a comma before and after each variable.

Using Variables Task 2 (Stars)

Make a variable named stars and set it to a large number.

Print a sentence with the stars variable.

Example solution:

I think there are 827392012 stars in the sky!

Using Variables Task 3 (Age & Month)

Use a variable named age and set it to your current age.

Make a variable named month and set it to the month you were born.

Remember to use speech marks for text, e.g. month = "August" but no speech marks for numbers (your age).

Print a sentence that uses both variables names.

Example solution:

I am 14 and I was born in August.

Using f-Strings

Another method of using variables within a printed sentence is to use f-strings.

Type the letter f before your output and place your variable names in curly brackets - { }

Variables of any data type can be used with f-strings.

name = "Tony Stark"
alias = "Iron Man"
print(f"Did you know {name} is actually {alias}?")


Did you know Tony Stark is actually Iron Man?

Using Variables Task 4 (F-Strings)

Create and give a value to three variables:

  • movie_name

  • actor

  • year

Use an f-string to print a sentence that uses all three variables.

Example solution:

Did you know that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix stars Daniel Radcliffe and was released in 2007?

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