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3.2a: Wired & Wireless Networks

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Wired Connections

Wireless Connections

Wireless connections, such as WiFi or Bluetooth, use no cables but require a wireless network interface card (WNIC).


Wireless connections generally have a slower speed and can be affected by the computer's distance from the wireless router as well as obstacles like walls or bad weather.

Wired connections use physical cables, such as copper or fibre optic wires, and require a network interface card (NIC) to connect to a network.


These wired connections use a wired connection protocol - most commonly Ethernet.

Network Interface Card.png

Restricted Movement


More Secure

NIC Required

Network Interface Card.png

Freedom of Movement


Less Secure

WNIC Required

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Questo's Questions

3.2a - Wired & Wireless Networks:

1. Briefly compare wired and wireless networks in terms of movement, transmission speed, security and required hardware. You could answer this in the form of a table. [8]

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