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1.3 - Embedded Software:

1. What is an embedded system? [3]

2a. Give two examples of an embedded system. [2]

2b. Research and describe another two examples of an embedded system. [4]

1.3: Embedded Systems

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CPU Diagram (1).png

Example: A washing machine has a control chip that manages the different program cycles.

An embedded system is a computer system built into a larger machine to provide a means of control.

Embedded systems perform a specific pre-programmed task which is stored in ROM.

An embedded system uses a combination of hardware and software. They perform only specific tasks and often have a small amount of storage and low processing power.

Example: A traffic light has a control chip that determines when to change to a green or red light.

CPU Diagram (1).png
Washer & Dryer
Bike Traffic Light
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