1.1: Computational Thinking

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Questo's Questions

1.1 - Computational Thinking:


1. What is meant by 'decomposition'? Why is it important? [2]

2. What does the term 'abstraction' mean? Why is it important?  [2]

3. What is pattern recognition?  [2]

4a. What is an algorithm? [1]

4b. What are the two ways of writing an algorithm?  [2]

There are four stages to computational thinking (smart problem solving).

Decomposition is when you break a problem down into smaller tasks so that it is easier to solve.

Pattern Recognition is the process of identifying similar patterns within a problem.

Abstraction is when you ignore unnecessary information and focus only on the important facts.

Algorithms are the final stage as step-by-step rules are created to solve the problem. An algorithm is usually written as psuedo-code or presented as a flowchart.

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