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1.1: Computational Thinking

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There are three key components to computational thinking (smart problem solving):

Abstraction is when you ignore unnecessary information and focus only on the important facts.

Abstraction is used because it simplifies a problem to make it less complex. This makes it more straightforward to understand the problem and create a solution.

Decomposition is when you break a problem down into smaller tasks so that it is easier to solve.

Each individual problem can be separately tested and solved. Decomposition also enables different people to work on the different parts of a larger problem that can later be recombined to produce a full solution.

Algorithmic thinking is the final stage as logical steps are followed to solve the problem.

The problem is broken down using decomposition into smaller problems. The required data and relevant data structures are considered using abstraction.

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Questo's Questions

1.1 - Computational Thinking:

1. What does the term 'abstraction' mean? Why is it important?  [2]

2. What is meant by 'decomposition'? Why is it important? [2]

3. What is algorithmic thinking?  What does it involve? [3]

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