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7. Head Tags

Remember that all HMTL documents are split into the head and the body.

The following tags must be typed inside of your head tags.



html tag 74.PNG

The title is not the main heading.

The title is the page title itself that you can see at the tab at the top of your web browser.

Add a title to your web page.

html tag 75.PNG


Metadata is information about the web page itself.

This commonly includes data about the author, the page's contents and any keywords.

Metadata will not appear on the actual web page.

Add meta data tags between your head tags for author, keywords and a description.

html tag 76.PNG

The meta tag is made up of a name and content.

Author represents who created the web page.

Keywords are commonly used words.

Description is used for displaying search engine results (such as a Google search).

Next it is time to embed YouTube videos into your web page.

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