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4. Hyperlinks

A hyperlink is a link to another web page.

In this section, you will link your page to a real website, like Wikipedia.

Hyperlinks require the anchor tags <a href=" "> and <a>

Copy a URL

Firstly you need to copy the full web address of the web page that you would like to link your page to.


Choose an appropriate web page that relates to your chosen topic.

Create the Anchor Tag

4. Close the start of the <a> tag.


1. Open the start of the <a> tag.

2. Type href (stands for hypertext reference).

3. Paste the URL inside speech marks.

5. Type the text you want the user to click on.

6. Time to close the tag.

When you save your webpage and run it in a browser you will be able to click highlighted text to open the website you have chosen.


Add at least three different hyperlinks to your webpage. Try to add the 2nd & 3rd links without looking at this page - practise makes perfect.

Add a Hyperlink within a Sentence

You can also create an anchor tag within a sentence.


Hyperlinks are important to link webpages together.

Next is time for adding pictures!

Either change one of your previous hyperlinks to be in the middle of a sentence or create a new one.

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