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10. More Pages

Create a New Page

html tag 87.PNG

Create a new page by either clicking the new page icon in Notepad ++ or selecting File then New.

Then you need to save your new page with an appropriate name as a HTML file.

Create a new page, save it and add information to it.


Your new page needs the same essential tags as your original page:

Then you can add the rest of your content.


Link to Other Pages 

The <a href= " "> tag is used to link between pages, just like it is used to hyperlink to other websites.

Make sure you type your web pages exactly as you have saved them.

Make sure all of your web pages are saved in the same folder.

Include links between pages on each new page.


A link to the second page.


Don't forget a link back to your homepage on each new page.

Why not add more pages to make your website more detailed?

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