About CSNewbs Plus (CSN+)

CSN+ is a premium collection of resources made for teachers that follows the Computer Science specifications covered on the website.

Currently, these resources are in development, with the Eduqas GCSE resource pack arriving first, based on the Eduqas GCSE Computer Science 2020 specification.

Free zip folder download of all resources for Eduqas GCSE topic 1.1 (The CPU)

What is included in the CSNewbs+ GCSE collection?

  • 39 presentation slides

  • 39 starters

  • 39 task answer documents

  • 19 revision activity pages

  • 7 topic tests & answers

See below for more details:


Complete presentation slides for each of the 39 theory topics in the Eduqas GCSE 2020 specification. 

PowerPoint and Google Slides compatible.

Activity resources to print. Including diagramstables and worksheets for lesson tasks.


All answers included for teachers to use.

Starter questions that recap the previous topic. For teachers to print before the lesson.


All answers included in the lesson slides. 39 starters.

Comprehensive answers for all lesson tasks and previous exam question answers.


39 task answer documents containing answers for over 100 lesson tasks for teachers to use.

Revision templates for students to complete, to print on A3 paper.


19 pages and 7 revision lesson slides.

Exercise book headings and the driving question (lesson focus)

7 end-of-topic tests with brand new questions.


All answers included for teachers.

What is included on the presentation slides? 


The following breakdown shows the presentation slides for 1.1 (The CPU):

A title slide

The content covered from the Eduqas GCSE specification

Exercise book headings and the driving question (lesson focus)

Answers to the starter activity questions

Lesson objectives

An explanation of the topic

Clear explanations of the content

First task. Students use slides or CSNewbs to complete. All answers on separate teacher document.

Task 2. Table provided in teacher resource pack to print.

Further explanations of the content

Third task

Exam questions from previous Eduqas papers. Answers included in the task answers documents.

Free zip folder download of all resources for Eduqas GCSE topic 1.1 (The CPU)

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