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What is App Inventor?

App Inventor 2 is software developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a research university in America.

It allows users to create simple apps and learn about the way that they work in a fun manner. There is no need to learn how to program with text editors as everything is based around blocks, a bit like Scratch.

To open App Inventor 2 (the current version of the program) click the button in the top right. You will need to log in with a Google account.

There are two layouts to App Inventor, Designer and Blocks. You can switch between them with the bottoms in the top right corner.

This guide will show you how to make seven simple programs and introduce you to programming concepts such as variables and properties.

Download all App Inventor images you will need for the 7 tasks by clicking the camera icon.

Note to Computer Science Teachers - The easiest way to test programs made using App Inventor 2 is using the emulator which should be pre-installed by the IT technician team at your school. See here for information on how to set it up.


Also, Google accounts are required to access and use App Inventor 2. 

Viewer - This is a mock-up of what your app will look like.

Components - Each component can be renamed or deleted here.

Designer Layout

Palette - Drag the component that you want to use in your app, into the centre.

Properties - Edit the settings for each component.

Media - Upload images and sound here before they can be used in your app.

Blocks Layout

Viewer - This is space for you to drag blocks to make things happen.

Blocks - Drag the code block that you want to use into the centre. The blocks connect together like in Scratch.

Warnings - Any errors with your code will be displayed here.

Backpack - Drag code into to backpack to store it for later.

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