About Computer Science Newbies...

Who made CSNewbs?

My name is Mr Pulsford; I am a Computer Science teacher from London and I currently teach at a secondary school in Birmingham, England.

When and why did you make this?

I was inspired to start the website while working during a paid summer project at Google in London in 2016 and I've been updating it ever since.


I made CSNewbs to support students in lessons and at home because Computer Science can be a tricky subject.

Are you making any money from this?

I am not affiliated with any organisation or exam board. All content on CSNewbs.com is provided for free with no adverts. CSNewbs Plus is currently in development, a one-off competitively-priced payment for a tonne of resources aimed at the Eduqas GCSE course including lesson slides, tests, tasks and revision sheets.


All current content on the site will remain free and available.

Can you add X, Y or Z to the site?

It is my long-term aim to add content from the other GCSE exam boards, as well as OCR Cambridge Technicals Unit 3 but this will take time.

How can I contact the creator of CSNewbs?

The contact email is:

Can I get full marks with CSNewbs?

This site follows the Eduqas GCSE and OCR Cambridge Technical specifications as closely as possible, but I can't claim that 100% of the content on the site would be accepted in exams.


The text, images and videos on this site are to guide students towards a better understanding of the course's content and should be supported with a range of appropriate material and sound classroom teaching

How did you make this site?

I have used Wix to create this website. The domain name and other services like the logo have been acquired through them. 

What's the deal with copyright?

CSNewbs is protected by copyright, and copy / paste features have been disabled on the site. All images have either been created by myself or used from Wix's copyright-free gallery / stock image library. If you think any content on this site infringes a copyright-protected work, please email me, and I will make immediate changes

Who is that robot I see on the site?

The robot is called Questo and it is CSNewbs' site mascot.

If you work for an exam board or educational resource organisation, and you're impressed that one person made this whole site and all CSN+ resources whilst juggling real-life responsibilities and a full-time teaching role, and your organisation has opportunities available, please send me an email. 

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