4.10 - Validation Checks

Validation is a process to check that data is reasonable or sensible before it is accepted as an input. There are several different checks that can be used:

Range Check

Checks data is within a certain range, e.g. age is between 0 and 115

Type Check

Checks data is a certain type, e.g. age is integer, not real.

Format Check

Checks data is entered in a certain way, e.g. date might be DD/MM//YYYY

Presence Check

Checks that data has actually been entered and not left blank, e.g. for a password.

Lookup Table

A table of acceptable entries, e.g. countries of the world might be selectable from a table.

Length Check

Checks the length of the input is within a certain amount, e.g. first name 3 to 15 characters.


Verification Checks

Verification is the process of checking that data is correct after it has been entered.

Double Entry

Typing in the data twice to make sure there were no spelling errors the first time, e.g. entering a password twice.


Checking two copies of data to ensure they are precisely the same, e.g. a confirmation page before buying a product.

Questo's Corner


For each input below suggest which validation checks may be used.

a. First name

b. Age in years

c. Email address

d. Last visit to the dentist


a. Explain the difference between double entry and proofreading.

b. Suggest when these two verification methods may be used.

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