New Pages

Very few websites are displayed all on one single page.

Learn how to create new web pages and link between them.

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New HTML Section

1: Create a New Page

If using Notepad ++ use the new page icon (         ) and save this new page as an HTML document.

Save your new page in the same folder as the original page.

Add the essential tags just like your original page:

2: Add New Content

Now you need to add content to your new page. You can copy some information over (like the head tags) as well as include new details.

Remember to save and select Run - Launch in Chrome to test the page.

3: Link to the New Page

Users need to be able to move between the different web pages and the easiest way is for a direct hyperlink.

Use the same <a href =" "> and </a> tags but instead of a URL, you need to put the name of the new web page.

The below HTML has been written on the main page to link to the new page:

Don't forget to put at least one hyperlink on every page so that users don't get stuck in a dead-end!

4: Lots of Pages

Now that you have learned how to add a new web page and link pages together you can create multiple new pages just like a proper website.

Now you have added multiple pages and linked them together.

Next, you can add videos to your website.

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